Monday, November 16, 2015

Misogyny Night Live

I am so pleased that comedian Pete Davidson of SNL was able to get his voice heard, the other night on Weekend Update, about how women should feel regarding trans-women (men who have become women thru surgery or who identify as women) using women’s restrooms.
It is so important for a young man to be able to speak out, un-disputed, on a subject about which he has no lived experience; growing up female in a misogynistic world.

I am fascinated by men, particularly in the entertainment industry, who seem to have more empathy for the rights of trans women, or men who identify as women, than they do for those of us who were born female. I am happy when guys are able to show empathy to anyone, though I suspect that what appears to be empathy is really a veiled excuse---as if another was needed ---to dismiss women's genuine concerns as trivial, self-centered and needless and jump on the "trans women are more oppressed than you" bandwagon.
Where was the women's point of view? Isn't it possible that women might have good reason to be wary of sharing our restrooms with human beings who are usually larger and possess a celebrated amount of upper body strength?