Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Much belated critique of the indie film "In a World"

Thanks to the miracle of discount DVD's, I was finally able to watch Bell Lake's film  In A World, supposedly about the Hollywood voice over industryI say supposedly because very little of it was actually about the industry and more seemed to descend into rom com vapidity--a bad habit I expect feminist actors/directors not to fall into yet they so often do.
Throughout most of the movie I kept shouting at my TV; who cares about her sister's intimate relationships?!
Unlike many of my fellow online amateur film critics (who seemed to be bored by the premise) I was actually interested in the world of voice over acting and wanted the movie to be about that. Sadly, Ms. Bell disappointed me.
The film shows a couple snippets of her protagonist, Carol--played by Bell-- a voice coach and voice-over actor, trying to encourage women to speak with their real voices--a wonderfully refreshing concept! Yet as the designer and director of this world, Bell goes counter to her core beliefs and seems to lose her own voice in the process of telling women to find theirs.